Industrial staircase, steel stairs system

Mezzatech designs a wide range of professionnel staircases. From the industrial staircase to the , Mezzatech assists you in all your projects. Our engineering designs tailored staircases for all the premises (workshop, industry, PAB, shops…)


Staircases composition

Staircases are composed of the following elements:
Guardrails are mounted on both sides of the Staircases and consist of a hand rail diameter 30 (height 1100) and an intermediate rail.
Mezzatech have several types of step available, making staircases adaptable to suit all needs.
•    Metal steps: this type of step is generally used for industrial staircases. Steps are metal galvanised with anti-slip grips.
•    Grids: Grids can be used for outside Staircases. Gridded Staircases generally have non-skid edges for use in industry, fire escapes, etc.
•     Wooden steps: very aesthetic, wooden steps are installed in tertiary premises.
For long staircases intermediate landings need to be installed. Installing a top landing will provide clearance at the top of the staircases.  

Stringboards: Mezzatech staircases are constructed with double metal stringboards.