Mezzatech offers posts adapted to every mezzanine project depending on the height and the required load. Posts have a thermo-painted finish.

Neoplan Posts

Primoplan posts are made with 100 x 100 mm square tubing. The thickness is adapted to the maximum working load. Load distribution is ideal thanks to the 200 x 200 mm (10 mm thick) plate.

The picture opposite shows a post with the retaining keys and capitals. They enable beams and joists to be set in any direction on the post.

Post protection

To protect your mezzanine’s posts against shocks when using forklifts or other equipment to handle material, post supports can be used. They are 405 mm in height and are made from 2 sheets of 5 mm thick painted steel (colour, yellow RAL 1018). 4 mechanical anchors (model M12x100 mm) are used for floor fixings.