PAB mezzanines

For projects to install mezzanines in PAB (Public Access Buildings), the Mezzatech team accompanies you from A to Z. Platform installations in shops or boutiques quickly gains extra square meters to provide new sales space. For these premises, Mezzatech installs mezzanines with partitions to create offices. Installing platforms can also increase the surface of libraries, laser game facilities, sports halls, etc.


The abbreviation PAB means Public Access Buildings. For these premises, specific safety standards need to be respected to install mezzanines. Our technical service team regularly checks for up-to-date information on the different PAB standards that govern platform installation. In contrast to the industrial platforms where access is limited to authorised people, PAB mezzanines are freely accessible.
Rules can therefore intervene to ensure the safety of users: width of the access staircase, size of access Staircases, PAB guard rails with protective plates, position relative to emergency exits, etc.