Office mezzanine floors


Do you want to develop offices above a mezzanine? You can double your surface without building permits. Designs are completed within short timeframes; on assembly your mezzanine platform is equipped with modular office partitions. The platform enables you to take advantage of additional office space, meeting rooms or to build a complete office space in your shop, workshop or warehouse.

In-house design team
Installation department

Our metal office platforms will grow with you. These modular offices (removable aluminium partitions) fit perfectly into industrial or service premises. The whole set up is modular and the partitions are removable.
To build extra spaces and use the whole volume of your buildings, opt for a flexible, economical, solution that can be installed very quickly. We will analyse all your needs, and can carry out a study of your office space at no charge.
As professional mezzanine constructors, we comply strictly with the rules and practices of safety standards.