Multi-level mezzanine

double (5)

A multi-level cold-profiled industrial platform increases usable surfaces at lower cost. Robust, the industrial platform is on measures and adjusted to your needs. It is much more economical than a hot-rolled profile storage platform.

In-house design team
Installation department


Double or triple your storage


Use the height of your premises


No building permit





double (2)
Plateforme stockage niveau double
Mezzanine industrielle avec double niveau de stockage
Plateforme 2 niveaux avec cloisons
Plate-forme 2 étages avec cloisons

Mezzatech designs double tier platforms with a robust design and high level of stability.
Levelled platforms can be mounted very quickly. For most layouts, a building permit is not required.
Depending on their use, double levelled mezzanines are covered with high density, particle board, wood flooring. The planks are HD 30 mm thick. Platforms can also be fitted with grids, metal floors, or with sheet steel on concrete. The sheet steel metal can thick or thin.