Industrial staircases


Mezzatech sells 2 main lines of industrial staircases. Primoscal staircases meet most needs with a very good price-quality ratio. Staircases in the Isoscal range are tailor-made to fit all needs.

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Staircase for mezzanine flooring
Industrial Staircase with steel steps
Black industrial Staircase
Green industrial Staircase
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Trémie avec Escalier industriel

Industrial staircase Primoscal

Primoscal is a standardised industrial staircase and has an excellent quality/price ratio.
Characteristics of the staircases.
Useful width: 3 widths are available 900-1200-1500.
Height: 2300 to 3500 mm.
Angle: 38°.
Type of step: galvanised anti-slip.

Guardrail (mm): on both sides with: 1 handrail Hgt. = 1100 and 1 intermediate rail.
Landing (mm): A landing step can be added on request

Finish: Railing supports, thermos-painted in yellow (RAL 1018) with epoxy paint. This hard, glossy surface is easy to clean.
Stringboards, steps, handrails and intermediate rails are galvanised.
Other colours are available at extra cost.

Isocal made to measure staircases.

Isoscal staircases fit all configurations and spaces and are adaptable to thier surroundings by changing the colour or finish.
Type: Right, rotating 90 °, 180 °. You can opt for a staircase in 1, 2 or 3 flights with intermediate levels.
Useful width: 700-1500 mm.
Height: Up to 3900 mm in 1 flight.
Angle: 38 °. Isoscal staircases are also available with 30 ° or 45 ° angles.

Type of step: standard steps are slip-resistant galvanised steel. Slatted or wooden steps are available on request.
Guardrail (mm): on both sides with: 1 handrail Ø30 Hgt = 1100 and 1 intermediate rail. Landing (mm): Custom made with the floor of your choice: chipboard, galvanised metal sheets, etc.

Guardrails and stringboards, thermo-painted with epoxy paint. This paint makes the surface hard and shiny to make maintenance and cleaning easier. A choice of 20 standard colours.