Industrial mezzanine floors

Industrial mezzanine platforms allow you to double your storage space without a building permit *. The installation of a mezzanine enables you to use all the useful high space of your building. Mezzatech’s manufacturing process is very innovative and is protected by patents. For your mezzanine plans, trust Mezzatech’s expertise.

Strengths of industrial mezzanines

•    Rapid installation.
•    Possibility of relocation: it is possible to disassemble the mezzanine and move it to a storage facility.
•    No building permit*.

Building permits

Our industrial platforms are removable and freestanding (they are not directly fixed to the existing building’s structure). They are therefore usually considered as machinery (or furniture) and not as a floor. Therefore they are not subject to building permits. (See article L421-5 of the town planning code).

Access to the industrial mezzanines is limited to authorised people.


Mezzatech’s industrial mezzanines conform to the standards below:

  • Choice of flooring :  According to NF EN 312 : Particle boards -REQUIREMENT
  • Floor installation: According to NF P 63-203-1 (DTU 51-3): Building work: Flooring made of wood or wood derivatives.
  • Accessories : NF EN ISO 14122 : Permanent means of access to machinery : Storage use only :(No employees who regularly work on the platform).

If the platform has offices, or if personnel regularly work on the industrial mezzanine, it is subject to the labour code.