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For all mezzanine projects, installation of guardrails is mandatory. Different types of guardrail are available depending on your needs.

Industrial guardrails: These guardrails are installed in warehouses, factories, workshops, etc. They are there to prevent objects or people on mezzanine platforms from falling. (Attention- for industrial mezzanines, access is restricted to authorised people).

PAB Guardrails: These guardrails must meet PAB premises standards. In shop type non-residential buildings, this guardrail is customisable.

Guardrails, customisable and tailor-made: Mezzatech are experts in guardrail production and adapting them to all requests. Company logos can be incorporated into the guardrail’s sheet metal.

In-house design team
Installation department


Industrial guardrail
Industrial Guardrails with yellow posts
Garde-corps industriel sur plateforme de stockage
Garde corps avec poteau coloris Orange
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Garde corps noir sur mezzanine norme ERP

Primoscal industrial guardrails: Primoscal guardrails are designed to have a galvanised handrail and a yellow lacquered mount finish as standard.

Isocal customisable guardrails: These guardrails are customisable and there are 20 standard colours to choose from. They are especially installed on Isoplan metal platforms.