Mezzanine floor for fitness and health clubs


For all fitness and health clubs, Mezzatech provides a tailor-made solution.

Mezzatech also adapts to the constraints of use in gyms and fitness centers. The mezzanine must have a high load capacity to support the weight of the equipment (bodybuilding, bicycles...). Similarly, the platform can be reinforced to remain stable when users in movement perform activities such as fitness, gymnastics ... 

In-house design team
Installation department


IMG_20181212_120218_resized_20181212_121232483 (Copier)
Gym mezzanine floor
IMG_20181212_115614_resized_20181212_121112703 (Copier)
Fitness mezzanine floor
IMG_20181212_115933_resized_20181212_121233994 (Copier)
Gym mezzanine floor
IMG_20181212_115733_resized_20181212_121149230 (Copier)
Gym mezzanine floor
cross fit
Cross fit mezzanine floor
escalier (2)
Gym mezzanine floor
entrée salle de danse
Dance mezzanine floor
rdc ext
Gym mezzanine floor