To complete its European and international distribution network, Mezzatech is looking for distributors. Contact us.

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Discover all the advantages of Mezzatech distributors:

1 . Trading area

Mezzatech distributors benefit from a defined geographical area with guaranteed territorial exclusivity.
You are a unique player; you're the only distributor MEZZATECH distributor in your sector.

All information and qualifying requests are sent to you.

 2 . Product range

   A complete product range of Industrial mezzanine Floor:
    - adapted to the customers’ needs.
    - designed in compliance with standards and regulations in force.
    - boasting an exceptional quality/price ratio.

3.    Knowhow
Access the knowhow of a manufacturer with more than 25 years’ experience.
    - A team of highly qualified professionals.
    - Powerful production and software tools.
    - Cumulative and competitive experience.

  4. Marketing tools

Alternatively you can use the marketing tools that are available for distributors.
    - Fax- mailings with attractive conditions.
    - E-mailings to maximise the rate of return.

   Make use of qualified information:
    - Request s for general information.
    - Request s for personalised studies and meetings.
    - Request for estimates.

5 . Commercial management and computer tools

    - A scalable and easy to use tool.
    - A unique, fast and efficient marketing process.