PAB staircases


Staircase installations in PAB premises must meet certain safety standards. The staircases must also have a finish and an aesthetic treatment with regards to colours and materials (wooden steps, wooden handrails). PAB staircases are specially installed for access to the shop mezzanine platforms. The width of the staircase is calculated based on the number of people allowed on the mezzanine platform.

In-house design team
Installation department


Conformity with standards


Aesthetic treatment.


Trust and confidence


Extremely reliable and light


Technical characteristics

  •  Design: steel, galvanised or painted.
  •  Interior or exterior use.
  •  Angle: 30°.
  •  Useable width (mm): 900 to 1400.
  •  Height (mm): 300 to 8000 (2 to 3 flights).
  •  Possibility to opt for a top landing or intermediate landing. The Staircases can be at 90 ° or 180 ° angles. For smaller premises, consider installing a spiral staircase.
  • Guardrail: 4 smooth aluminium, painted mounts.
  • Wide selection of steps: steel, wood, etc.
  • Wide choice of colours.
  •  Conforms to PAB standards.