Design team

To respond quickly to your needs, Mezzatech has an in-house design team which interacts with the sales team to provide the best solution for your premises management. The team can provide precise 2D plans to carry out the mezzanine installation taking into account all obstacles (ducts, pipes, strength of the concrete, etc.).

Each obstacle (surface, presence of piping, building structure, standards, safety) is analysed and solved prior to planning the mezzanine.

Security research: our design team will advise you on how to meet all security regulations: safety gates, guardrails, staircases.

Standards: The design team will deliver a plan that complies with all the standards in force: PAB standards, labour code, construction and housing regulations, Eurocode, industry standards, French DTU standards, etc.

Mezzanine floor design calculations : A document with the design calculation will be provided for any Isoplan platform plan (included in the price). This explanation is provided at the end of construction.

For Primoplan platforms, this explanation can be provided on request.